South Lenches Parish Council


Parish Council’s finances are guided by the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and the Accounts and Audit Regulations issued periodically under the Act.


The Act introduced a Transparency Code for parish councils with an annual turnover of less than £25,000.


South Lenches Parish Council currently falls into this category whereby the Council are obliged to publish certain information on its website annually i.e.


  • a list of all payments made during the year of more than £100
  • a list of land owned by the Council
  • details on the form of accounts and how and when they must be approved and published and
  • details of how taxpayers can view the accounts and exercise their rights in relation to the accounts.


South Lenches Parish Council provides a summary of its receipts and payments schedule at their bi-monthly meetings which is appended to the minutes.

The main source of income to the Parish Council is via the precept, which is a demand on Wychavon District Council, as the billing authority , to collect a specific amount from each council tax payer in the parish.


The Parish Council has regulations and policies in place related to Financial matters.


Financial Regulations

Risk Management Policy

Grants & Donations Policy


Transparency Code

Payments over £100

Location of public land and building assets


Annual Audit 2017-18

Certificate of Exemption

Declaration of status of published accounts 2018.

Documents in relation to Annual Audit 2017-18 i.e.Internal Audit, Governance statement, Accounting statement, Variances of more than 15% and Bank Reconciliation.

Asset Register March 2018.

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