South Lenches Parish Council

The Councillors

There are seven Councillors representing the South Lenches who are elected for a term of four years or in the case of a casual vacancy are co-opted to serve the remainder of the four year term.

All members are required to abide by the Code of Conduct and to complete a Register of Interest Form and to update any changes.

Forms are kept by the Monitoring Officer at Wychavon District Council and can be viewed here.

1. Mel Shore (Chair)

Contact: The Barn, Handgate Farm, Evesham Road, Church Lench. WR11 4UB


Responsibilities: Wychavon CALC representative.

                              Member of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

                              Weekly play Inspection check.

                              Quarterly check of assets.

                              Member of Finance Group

2. Jen Fletcher

Contact:  Kilverstone, Atch Lench Road, Church Lench, WR11 4UG

Responsibilities: Member of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

3. Richard Ball


Responsibilities: Member Of Finance Group.

4. Chris Seabourne (Vice-Chair)

Contact: The Old Manse, Atch lench. WR11 4SW.

Responsibilities:  Member of Finance Group.

5. Liz Harwood 

Contact: Anderleys, Evesham Road, Church Lench.


6. Morgan Murray


Responsibilities:  Member of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

                               Member of Finance Group.

                               Liasion for Community Legacy Grant - LSRC.

7. Julia Tyrrell

Contact: Court House, Atch Lench.


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