South Lenches Parish Council

The Councillors

The Parish Council is a group of people who have been elected to make decisions for their Parish.  Parish Councils are statutory bodies and are the first tier of Local Government.

There are seven Councillors representing the South Lenches who are elected for a term of four years or in the case of a casual vacancy are co-opted to serve the remainder of the four year term.

All members are required to abide by the Code of Conduct and to complete a Register of Interest Form and to update any changes.

Forms are kept by the Monitoring Officer at Wychavon District Council and can be viewed here.

Mel Shore (Chair)

Contact: The Barn, Handgate Farm, Evesham Road, Church Lench. WR11 4UB


Responsibilities: Wychavon CALC representative.

                              Member of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

                              Weekly play Inspection check.

                              Quarterly check of assets.

                              Member of Finance Group

Jen Fletcher

Contact:  Kilverstone, Atch Lench Road, Church Lench, WR11 4UG

Responsibilities: Member of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Richard Ball


Responsibilities: Member Of Finance Group.

Chris Seabourne (Vice-Chair)

Contact: The Old Manse, Atch lench. WR11 4SW.

Responsibilities:  Member of Finance Group.

Morgan Murray


Responsibilities:   Member of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

                               Member of Finance Group.

                               Liasion for Community Legacy Grant - LSRC.

Julia Tyrrell

Contact: Court House, Atch Lench.


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